Stockport Air Raid Shelters

What an exciting trip we have had! Dressed up as evacuees, tags on, imaginary gas masks in hand, we visited Stockport Air Raid shelters. We gained a real idea of how terrifying it must have been for families to have to shelter night after night. We also went back to the Homefront and had a go at making rag rugs and washing clothes.

Thanks to everyone at home who helped us dress up and have a themed lunch: it really added to the authenticity of the day.

Check out our highlights below.

6C Stockport Air Raid shelters!

Testing our shelters

After many sessions of hard work and determination, the day had finally arrived….IT WAS TIME TO DESTROY OUR SHELTERS! Mrs Sangah – known for her careful aim and destructive ways- was our tester. We filled our shelter with eggs to see if they could withstand the force of a direct hit… let’s just say that they ‘shell’ (sorry!) not be living to fight another day. Have a look at our cracking pictures below!



Safe squad

Today, we went to Safe squad in Hyde to learn all about how to keep ourselves safe as we grow up and face different challenges whilst we move through different stages of our life. The children’s behaviour was very impressive – we are very proud of them!

Have a look at some pictures from the day below.

Lego Coding

Today, Craig from JTRS showed us how to build a Lego robot (called Milo) and then make it move! Some of us then made Milo travel backwards, make a sound, change colour and even talk!

Tony Walsh Poetry – inspiration and aspiration


Today, we were joined again by Tony Walsh in year 6 – we are very lucky to have him in school! The children are incredibly enthusiastic to see a celebrity around school and have once again made us proud with their hard work across the day.

We worked hard to gather ideas around inspiration and aspiration – ask us the traits that we will need for future success. Then, we worked on creating a poem combining these traits with the jobs they linked to e.g. If we are determined, wise and patient, we could be teachers, doctors and coaches.

Check out some pictures from the day and feel free to ask us to read some of our poems!



Making air raid shelters!

This week, our focus has been air raid shelters. In literacy, we have been researching Anderson shelters, Morrison shelters and public shelters (like the one we will visit in Stockport) in order to write a non chronological report.

In design and technology, we have been thinking about structures and what makes them strong. We were given a challenge to use scrap paper and sellotape and create a structure 5cm off the table that would support the weight of 2 glue sticks. The excitement in the classroom was palpable as teams worked well together to build some interesting structures! After having a go, we were shown ways we could strengthen and stiffen our structures. We then had another go; round 2 was much more successful! Next week, we will apply these skills to design a functional air raid shelter.


In our PE lessons with DCC, we have been focussing on gymnastics. So far this half term we have looked at ways of movement, balancing (solo and pair) and sequences. We will be moving on to group balances and expanding our sequences soon!